Sunday 20 December 2009

Inside and Outside

My garden is cutting in to my stitching time but I am looking forward to the harvest. This warm weather is great for my veges.

Our warm weather and diligent daily waterings are making my garden grow. This little Butter Bean plant along with a dozen of his cousins sprouted overnight! My Scarlet Runner beans are flowering profusely and making both the bees and me very happy. I have to be careful of the bees when I am out with the hose as I love the job they are doing and don't want to deter them in any way. On the inside I have been stitching a small pocket to hold my "2009 Art Cards" - this year I kept a record of momentous events -slight exaggeration there:-) on small cards and decided to make a pocket to hold them. I'm using Misty Blue Belfast linen and Caron silk floss in Charcoal - this is a progress shot showing the size. Now my designer skills or lack thereof come in to play while I decide what to put in the middle - I am leaning towards a Quaker emblem as I have so enjoyed Quaker designs this year. As to the Art Cards, I'm none to artistic and this has been more labour than love but it is a record of this watershed year. Only December to go now and I have that planned in my head. Nothing momentous happened in November so will give that month a miss.

And finally the New Zealand native Pohutukawa tree blooms red at Christmas time and is fondly called our Christmas tree. We have a small one on the property which is profusely red at present. No doubt all of you, like me, are busy this time of year. I hope you too have time to enjoy inside and outside - even if outdoors is not as warm where you are.

Have a good evening evrybody.


Melissa said...

Your garden is lovely lovely, Margaret! or should I say 'yummy'? It's nice to see the season down under.

I'll look forward to seeing how you will stitch your pocket. Have fun.

Nic said...

It's lovely to see nice sunny pictures - I can almost feel the warmth!

Which is great, because we've had a very hard frost and more snow overnight!