Friday, 9 January 2009

Seven steps to a tulip biscornu

EDITED : An update picture of the finished article has been inserted

I finished my Christmas Tulip Biscornu. This was such a fun stitch - not quite such fun to put together and here's why (NOTE TO ALL - I expect loads of sympathy for my linguistic failings)

First step - work the large square for the base
Second Step - make a smaller square half the size for the top. I used the centre of the chart without the border part you can see at the top of the photo.

Third step - stitch up each side only half way

Fourth step -worry (no good consulting the internet link where I found it as all the words are in Lithuanian!) - do I stuff or not? Try stuffing. No good -makes a round tulip and whoever heard of those. For that matter whoever heard of a square one. But to get back to the point

Fifth step - more worry - should I use card in the base? Look at the picture again. No help there - it does look like stuffing that white bit?!

Sixth step - go to another room and cry privately. Put sodden handkerchief into laundry basket. Take a deep breath.

Seventh step - use your own intelligence and finish as you think it should be done. Result - Not too bad even if I say so myself.

And if your Lithuanian is better than mine you can have a look at this link and read how it was done. I merely followed the photo steps. The worry ones were all my own addition - clever me!!!

PS The photo of the finished tulip is BAD so BAD and I promise to take a better one over the weekend and replace it next week.

And now a confession - I love reading and I read lots and lots and am daily thankful for a one hour lunch and an office only a few seconds walk from the public library; but I gave up reading pictures many many years ago. Well, until 2008 when I started again. After finding Blogs at the beginning of 2008 I found Blog links too and through that I found Finnish blogs, Russian Blogs, and blogs from all sorts of other languages and these Generous Hearted Stitching Bloggers tantalised me with their wonderful creations so I became friends with Google Translate, read pictures avidly and gave thanks that so many others have learnt English and that communication however limited is possible. So many many thanks to all of you and for this tulip especially, Linute.


  1. Really nice "tutorial" Margaret! The little tulip is really cute...following instructions like this is hard enough in your native language, I'm impressed!

  2. Very interesting - what a unique biscornu!

  3. Very nice...your hard work paid off in full! I can so sympathize with the private tears...I am such a slow, unskilled finisher!

  4. Oh wow - love your little biscornu - I'll have to give it a try!

  5. Vauu!!!It is not BAD !!! You are very welcome ;)