Tuesday, 20 January 2009

I'll be back in just a while!

I didn't manage to get the back of Milady's Needle Little Quaker Ruler Pocket finished - my eyes wouldn't stay open quite long enough to let me get the last stitches in. But here's a shot so far. I'm liking this one lots.

Tomorrow afternoon New Zealand time I meet Mr Right oops.....Mr Wright!
He's tall and handsome - and he's the specialist who is going to stop me stitching and driving and cooking and cleaning for some weeks. Well now, let's be honest about this- he's actually going to attempt to repair the damage caused by too much stitching, too much driving, too much cleaning, too much cooking!

So from tomorrow I put away out of sight (= reduce probability of frustration) my stitching and pull out the huge pile of books, make sure my ipod is tanked up, overdose on the suave spy with the James Bond DVDs Andy has loaned me and settle in for some non-stitching time. Probably about two weeks - this is where Mr Wright and I have some difference of opinion!

Now the rest of you have no such excuse and I will be checking up! See you soon.


  1. Margaret -- we will miss you; I hope that Mr Wright takes good care of you!

  2. Hi! Came to say "hello" and enjoy your wonderful works!

  3. Good luck Margaret...will be thinking of you and sending you lots of good wishes for a speedy recovery!!!

  4. Good wishes. Hope that you are feeling "raring to go" really soon.


  5. Hope you recover nicely and quickly. In the meantime your diversions sound good too!

  6. Good luck with your surgery Margaret!