Thursday, 27 November 2008

It will officially be Summer next week!!

December 1st it will officially be summer but the weather man hasn't found out yet! It is still cold and stormy at times and the mountains still have plenty of snow. I took this photo on my recent quick trip to Wellington. This is Mt Ruapehu which is in the middle of our North Island.

I thought you might like to see the little Christmas Box I made for Taija in the Crazy Exchange. She lives in Finland and I stupidly thought the parcel of goodies might not get there till nearer December 25. But as always, the Post Office are not predictable and Taija received her box of goodies this week. Included with the usual chocolates, candy etc etc there was this little box. It originated as a Louis Vuitton box (from which my boss had extracted a wallet) - Yes! My box fetish is known even at work! But some cross stitching, some felt and a little time turned it into a sneaky peeky Christmas Box filled with bath items. You can see the other pictures on Taija's blog here. Like me you might not be able to read Finnish but now you know the story you can guess the rest from the snaps and see yet another box I scored from a colleague!

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