Wednesday, 20 February 2008

To Kathy with love

My good friend Kathy turns 50 this year and her husband Andy is taking her to France for a month as a celebration. Lucky Kathy! She is determined to be in Paris on the day and although only February now the anticipation is at high levels. We often talk about it and have so many ideas but Andy is the one paying the bill so he has veto rights :)
I have stitched the cover of an album for her ( a Rouge du Rhin chart called Coeur de Provence stitched in DMC threads) and today my friend Wayne came and took it to his print factory to cut the paper to size, drill the holes, insert the Chicago screws and generally work his magic to turn it in to a finished album. Wayne is such a sweetie - he even went to the trouble of sourcing a textured recycled paper and then as a bonus he got it for free! Don't you just love friends like that! I am looking forward to the completed album but meanwhile here is the cover all done ready for Wayne to work his magic. Now that has put me into a more positive frame of mind. We have had a major migration on to a new computer system at work and life has been fraught. Several more grey hairs and higher blood pressure later I think the end is in sight and tonight I will go home at normal time and stitch until my stress levels are back to normal.

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