Monday, 4 February 2008

Finished cracker!

Where on earth did the weekend go to? I didn't get everything crossed off my list and have already started the list for next weekend!! But the Christmas Cracker did get completed and here is the promised picture. My local store didn't have the exact colour of ribbon I wanted so I had to compromise but the finished effect is still satisfying don't you think?
I do love Hardanger but cutting away the excess fabric from buttonhole edges is hard on the nerves. For that reason I really prefer the 'lacy edge" which at first glance is what I thought this cracker was. How wrong I was!I used Pearl #12 and Dentelle 80 in shade 712 for the stitching as the threads indicated in the instructions aren't available in New Zealand and, because I don't like two colour hardanger, mine is monochrome relieved only by a few beads which unfortunately don't show in the photo.