Monday, 5 September 2022

Catch up after lengthy absence

Goodness.  Over a  month has passed and I’ve not posted here.   The reason?   Not much stitching done. I have finished the Ukrainian Sewing Set and with a huge sigh of relief - reverberating around the world I should think - I have consigned it to The Drawer along with the others and when I am next at a reputable needlework store will purchase the scissors and needles to go with them

From left to right

Ukranian whitework (in blue), Cross Stitch, Frisian Whitework (in beige) , Kogin, Blackwork, Hardanger.   Each set is a bag, a scissor fob, needlebook and pincushion.

Since then I went through my fabric stash and found I had almost a metre of 38 count Graziano Linen which is too fine for me to use for Hardanger, Ukranian or other of my favourite techniques so I decided that Drawn Thread bags modelled on "Christine Bishop's Drawstring Bag" could be useful so I have done a couple.  These two will be gifts for my elderly aunts when I visit them later in the year.   In this way the linen is used profitably and does not strain my eyes so much.

This one has a deep purple ribbon behind the Drawnthread work and I will get some beads to add to the end of the draw cord.  It is lined with off white silk.

This one is so well stitched (pat on back pat on back) that the inside is the reverse of the outside. I've not lined it so my prowess will show :-)

Little Sister came to stay for a night last week and cajoled me into booking a weekend at her place and another weekend visiting Auckland.   Not both at the same time!   So on Friday I will venture off on a road trip to Wellington (about two hours further south) and we will visit The Bead Shop as well as two of my nieces one of whom has a new baby and the other has a new house.   Both good excuses for a visit.

This afternoon I went diving into fabric stash again and found some suitable 32 count linen.   I am going to stitch Betsy Morgan's Seasons cube (from Inspirations Issue 87)   I was given the kit but my eyesight is not good enough to stitch over one for this so I am going to stitch it over two and consequently have a bigger cube.   Nor  will I make it have the scissor pocket -  a plain cube it will be.  I'm hoping this will be a longer term project and will absorb me and thus hopefully dispel some of the dismals which seem to have enveloped me at present.  Besides, I don't really want to keep adding projects to The Other Drawer and the cube will fit into my display cabinet.

Would you like a peek at The Other Drawer?   

As you can see there is space available so I will be able continue with unframed smaller projects to use up stash.

So until next time, and I promise not to leave it so long .....



Jan said...

Glad to see you're back - and I'd love to see what you have in that 2nd drawer. Your work is always so beautiful.

Heritage Hall said...

Welcome back - you have been missed, Margaret.
You do such lovely work and those little sewing
bags and contents will be treasured, to be certain.
Enjoy you time away....

Lyn Warner said...

The Ukrainian sewing sets are lovely. Some lucky embroiderers are going to be very happy to receive them.

Sandra said...

Margaret, I would urge you to try and stitch Betsy's Seasons over one if you can, maybe try 28 or even 25 count, it is such a dainty cube when finished. None of the sides take very long at all, I was surprised how quickly I got mine stitched. Look forward to seeing how you get on.

mskathk said...

Welcome back- the dismals are a vey normal response to all you’ve been through. Please know that you were missed! As we go through these life changing events, the normalcy of of your beautiful stitching helps healing and supports us all.

Jo who can't think of a clever nickname said...

Lovely to see a post from you and your beautiful stitching too. The little sewing sets look great all together like that.
I am glad that your sister is getting you out and about too. It must be nice to be able to travel around again.

Leonore Winterer said...

I'm glad to hear from you! Your collection of sewing sets is superb, I did not realize they were all different techniques, wow!
Well done on the baggies too. That seasons cube looks wonderful, I hope it will keep you will occupied, along with your planned travels!

Naomi Old said...

I always enjoy your Posts Margaret and viewing your lovely work. So inspiring. The Seasons cube by Betsy Morgan is so much fun to embroider and pleasurable to look at and use.