Tuesday, 12 October 2021

Big news

 The big news this past week is that the DBEM has got her hearing aids.   Now I no longer need to shout and repeat myself; the TV volume has dropped from 36 to 28 and the beaming smile on her face says it all.   We are both very happy with this foray into hi-tech although I am secretly a little disappointed that bionic eyes are not a realistic possibility for her.   Meanwhile I think she will remain the Deaf Blind Elderly Mother on this blog:)

The stitching on my Frisian Whitework needlecase is complete.  I enjoyed stitching this and learning a new technique.  I will try the biscornu too and perhaps a scissor fob. 

Now I am trying to finish off the Sajou alphabet project which I have decided not to make into a bag but to follow the inspiration I printed off the internet well over a decade ago.  This will entail a long hardanger style border all around the above and then further construction so finished product is some way off.   Still the ship is pointed in the right direction.  At the time I downloaded this it was called SALexandre.   Mine should be termed the Very Very Slow Sew:)

And I finally obtained some green linen suitable to repeat a project stitched around 20 years ago but which was on the wrong linen (Permin = too open a weave) and unsuccessful with the opening garden gate (the buttonhole edge pulled out and frayed).   With increased experience since and a better linen I am hopeful of a successful repeat.   So with high hopes I am finishing what I have on the go and dreaming of a new start.

And a good night to all


  1. She may be the Deaf Blind Elderly Mother but I thin of her as you Dearly Beloved Elderly Mother and think you are lucky to have each other. And Good Morning to you!

  2. My husband will tell you that merely owning those hearing aids will not end the shouting. He ends up shouting at me more times than not. Especially in the early morning before I get around to the all important step of actually placing them in my ears. I'm glad your mother got hers, though. Perhaps she will be better than I about actually using them.

  3. Great news about the hearing aids, hopefully she will be easier to entertain now she can listen to the radio or audio books.
    Lovely work on the Sajou Alphabet project.

  4. Glad your mum got her hearing aids - they can be a real game changer, I know they were for my grandma. Love your stitching, especially the white work!