Wednesday, 22 September 2021

After many years

Back in March 1994 I purchased a needlework magazine purely because it had in it the instructions for a blackwork  chessboard.   This has been maturing in my stash for all those years until last week I decided the time had come.   And now I am obsessed, not with the blackwork per se, but with the idea of a hand stitched chess board.   Hopefully my picture framer will be able to fulfill my mental image of the finished piece but meanwhile I plod on one square at a time.

And my new 'M' is framed and hanging on the wall.   I am really pleased with this one and it completes my collection I think.   There doesn't seem to be a need to continue this on and on.... even though I have two Great-Nieces both with the same initial.   Neither share my love of embroidery :-(

Once again it is raining but I am grateful as I planted out some lettuce plants.   A new variety for me, this one is called Drunken Woman.   I also planted a cherry tomato plant.  Ever so slowly my garden is filling up and the potatoes planted in a tub are showing sprouts so it will probably be new potatoes for Christmas.   Lovely.


  1. That all sounds wonderful - indoor happiness and outdoor happiness! Do you play chess too?

  2. Love the chess board such a beautiful piece of work.

  3. Oh my dear, what a treasure that chess board
    will is coming along splendidly. Hope
    the rains nourish your garden and bring you
    a worthy harvest...

  4. Catching up with blog reading. Love the map of New Zealand, what a clever idea.
    The M is beautiful too. Maybe one of your nieces will discover a love for embroidery when she is older?
    I also like the idea of reading to the DBEM. I record myself reading a poem a day and send it to a friend who was shielding during the original lockdown, we have just kept going!

  5. That chess board is really cool. Do you play? I don't, but I've had that idea for a crochet blanket chess board complete with crochet chess pieces a couple years ago. Never got around to it either!