Tuesday, 13 June 2017

Deep Satisfaction

"Aahh" she said with deep satisfaction and sighed happily.

Did you hear it?

The knitting is finished (well, the back and one sleeve) and I have started a new project.   Yes, yes, I know that there are two or three pieces needing construction but they are not on The List1
I started to grow a flower garden....but lost heart when it became difficult to match threads against the background fabric I have chosen.   Colour sense is not part of my genome and this project is proving harder than expected.  So a break from gardening is in order.
I looked around and found the ingredients to make an angel.   A bigger, more lacy and hopefully better hardanger angel than version one.   This one is intended to be all in white linen - 32 count belfast linen to be precise.  She is begun and I am so very happy.


  1. Hi Margaret, love your word...happy-ish. Love how you keep busy with your varied projects and hope you are cold-free!

  2. Hardanger is definitely your go to "thing" Margaret. It's funny how we are all drawn back to what makes us happy:-)

  3. The flowers are gorgeous, but I bet you'll have a lot of fun with the hardanger as well :)

  4. Your flower garden is lovely but as Ann says - Hardanger is your signature piece! Looking forward to seeing the new Angel.