Sunday, 22 November 2015

Almost, but not quite

This week I have been conscientiously working on the Sampler Casket and can now report that it is almost, but not quite, finished.   Amish folk would be happy to know that it is not perfect but I am very happy with it!
The front and top (I have blacked out the name)
The back and top (I opted to leave off my initials in the centre back)
And the inside is red silk -  I have yet to fasten in the inside lid.   Any suggestions as to how to?   I don't really want to use glue with all its inherent acids.
Inside I will place the "almost but not quite" finished hardanger jewellery roll. Here is the inside replete with pins and basting guidelines.  It still awaits zip closures for the large pockets.
And the outside -  I need to decide whether it will be a button or a tie fastening.
I have yet to buy a 1st birthday card and a 21st birthday card but hopefully next weekend I can, then complete this project.   My plan is to place a pair of earrings in the jewellery roll and with it a card and a letter to my great niece in which I will write of my hopes and prayers for her.  This is all to be wrapped in acid free tissue then be-ribboned and marked "not to be opened until your 21st".    The casket will be wrapped in gaily coloured birthday paper and the 1st birthday card attached.   But I am thinking that an explanatory letter to the parents may be advisable?   Oh, this has been such fun, creating what I hope will be a memorable present.
Woodland Delight was not very delightful as I chose to use linen from stash and failed to take into account that natural linen is not the same colour as raw linen and definitely not the same as dirty linen.   So I started again on a piece of natural linen and am much happier with the floss colours on this new piece.   Still from stash, but much more satisfying even to my non-artistic eye.
And tonight I am cutting out another top for the HD3QBEM.   If cut out and ready to go I am more likely to find time through the week for the sewing.   Our temperatures are warming up a little and she needs this now!


  1. This is a truly wondrous gift, Margaret. You should be proud!

  2. Oh WOW what a beautiful present, to think that your great Niece will open this on her 21st is just amazing, it's made me feel all emotional just thinking of that day.

  3. The box looks amazing! I love the idea of putting in something special for her 21st Birthday too. I do think a letter to the parents would be a good idea.
    I wonder if we will all still be blogging in 20 years time? Or if there will be a new media platform? Think how much the Internet has changed over the last 20 years.

  4. What a great gift! I just love these kind of things.

  5. It's an amazing gift Margaret and so beautifully done. I can't think of anything more special to give.

  6. The casket is going to be a wonderful gift to be treasured for many years. Beautiful work and stitching.