Sunday, 21 June 2015

Sampler Casket is now complete

I have now finished the stitching for the Sampler Casket but need a break so it is put away until I find the right colour silk for lining and then I will construct.
Some simple cross stitch is in order to soothe the soul and I have made a start on this - in a larger count fabric and my favourite DMC 115 this is just what is needed.   I plan on the complexity being in the construction so watch this space.  
And while I am making little red crosses I will dream of my next project.   What shall it be?
Yesterday was Embroiderers' Guild and I took a bag with all the little projects I have made for their sale table as I don't plan on making any more this year.   I'd like to do some hardanger so will need to consult my stash and see if I have fabric and thread for that.   Perhaps I will find a trip to the LNS is necessary?!
The HD3QBEM is recovering well from her surgery and is currently knitting what I call a raspberry ripple hoodie for one of the great grand daughters.   Amazingly enough, the pattern is ever so slightly more complex than usual but there have been less dropped stitches and mistakes so we are both happy!
Well I am off to make dinner now and then have a date with Antiques Road Show:-)


  1. I love 115 and this sounds like an intriguing piece. Looking forward to the complex finishing!

  2. Glad to hear your mom is doing well. I like the red cross stitch project!

  3. So glad to hear your mother is better and knitting - I can hardly wait to see the progress on the casket!