Sunday, 24 May 2015

It's all Jeffrey's fault....

Little progress has been made this week.   I managed to press the trial hardanger pocket and the final result is acceptable and awaiting the ribbon closure.   The needlebook is now fully finished and its maker happy.
And the tassel has the hanging portion complete.   Here it is suspended from the HD3QBEM's Ott lite.

But the ruby red creation??
Not much to show is there.   Jeffrey Archer is to blame.   His Clifton Chronicles became an obsession and I read all five last week which, combined with long hours at work, limited energy levels and dare I confess it, a dislike of the thread(not the colour just the fatness of the floss) meant I didn't put in many stitches.   Only the eyelets and specialty stitches to go though.
This week I have three days of 'training' and for that need to travel an hour to the prison.   Oh joy and delight!  I expect to be very weary by the end of the week but Saturday is a regional gathering for the Embroiderers Guilds and I am looking forward to that.


  1. What beautiful hardanger! I hope you'll give a full report after the regional gathering. I do miss going to guild events.

  2. I don't know how you fit in any stitching at all Margaret, you have a very busy schedule. I'm saving book five till I finish a couple of books that I want to read first. I've just re -read his Kane and Abel books and quite enjoyed going back to them.

  3. Beautiful, simply beautiful!!

  4. Your hardanger is lovely. The red colour is fabulous but it does look quite thick, the finished piece will look very sumptuous!

  5. Your Hardanger is beautiful. The Tassel looks so cute!!! :-) Judy