Sunday, 17 June 2012

Oh no! Reverse stitching!

This week I downloaded the next installment of Around The World In 80 Stitches, threaded my needle and set to.  Oh no!   An error in Part One.   So I went from this

to this.  

Two nights of reversing -  it's enough to bring a tear to the eye.  
What is a girl to do?   Well start something new of course. 

I saw a picture of this on a blog ages ago  and despite a thorough search of the net couldn't find a chart so decided to invent.   This is the top complete.   Unfortunately the bottom requires me to visit the fabric store and purchase some wine coloured velvet so you will need to wait till then to view the finished article.
My Embroiderers Guild had asked me for pieces of work to display in The Cabinet.   Each month a different member contributes a display.  Little Brother came to stay for a few nights last week and helped me select the pieces - that was an interesting experience!  Selection criteria are different for different people!  It would be rather like asking me to help him select stock for his farm.  "Yes, choose that one.   I like the pretty markings on its coat.   And that steer has such a cute face you need to have him".   I was thinking of technique, style of finish, uniqueness, size etc etc etc.   However with or without Little Brother's assistance, I managed to fill a box full of a selection of pieces and Jo is going to put them all in the cabinet for me.
This week I took my computer for a visit to the friendly guys at OneNet where, as they so delicately put it, "transferred the guts" of the old one to a new one which works much faster. The HDHBEM is happy as her games are still here; I am happy as all my data is still here = one very happy household. So tonight we are settling down, with the gas fire on, to watch the recorded finale of Masterchef NZ and to ply our needles. In Mother's case these are number 8 knitting pins and for me it's a #28 John James!
Happy stitching to all of you.   I hope you are all equally as happy and a great deal warmer than we are.  


  1. poor you on the stitching front but i completely agree on the new start looking forward to seeing it!

  2. poor you on the stitching front but i completely agree on the new start looking forward to seeing it!

  3. oops sorry getting carried away with the buttons then :)

  4. Oh I do sympathise Margaret, there's nothing worse than going backwards but in the end it's worth it. It'll be good to see your lovely work on display.

  5. Oh, enjoy your gas fire! It was
    95 degrees F, here today in Georgia
    Hope all is well now with your stitching - no fun pulling out threads!