Thursday, 13 March 2008

How do you display your creations?

Now that I have ventured into "blog world" I can see so many wonderful creations and I wonder how do you all display them. As you can see needlework is displacing everything else in my display cabinet. While it provides a source of conversation for guests I sometimes wonder how my elderly mother (who lives with me) feels when she sees her china and crystal pushed to the back!!

Last night I managed a few more stitches on the construction of Have Ewe Any Wool and kitted up "The Magic Kiss" (The Cricket collection gift design) as I intend to give that and a large box of Hershey's Kisses to my 'niece-in-law' for her birthday.


  1. Nice cabinet and I see a CA piece in there too! I love her projects. What is that lovely box on the second shelf up partly hidden by the door? It looks really pretty!

  2. Carol R
    Thanks for your encouraging comments. I realise I should have left the door open!
    The box you mention was inspired by one in the Just Cross Stitch Magazine, stitched during long flights to and from Japan on business (in the days when the company flew me business class and needles and scissors weren't thought unfriendly) but I put red roses from a New Stitches maghazine in the little window parts. I will put a clearer photo on the blog to show you.