Wednesday, 30 November 2016

My men friends

Tonight I put buttons, eyes and mouths on all my little men friends.   The DBEM did a taste test and they passed.
Now all I have to do is put them into little cellophane bags.   For Christmas the friends who live locally are getting a boxed sampler selection of home baked goodies.
Most years I do this for at least some of my friends and each year the selection is different.   The 2016 edition will be Gingerbread men, Apricot and Orange Coconut Balls, Walnut Shortbread, and mini mini Chocolate Chip Cookies.  The first of these is to be delivered next Sunday afternoon.   Kathy has a very busy social schedule so she and I start Christmas early!  Actually last year we ran out of time and so exchanged Christmas gifts at the end of January.   Both of us thought that such an extended festive season was not a good idea so we have gone the other way for 2016 :-)

Tuesday, 29 November 2016


I was a late starter with both these projects.
Sweet Pea seed planted at the time stated on the packet came to nothing so I put in some plants, a bamboo teepee and voila.... they are beginning to flower.   The DBEM watches their progress daily and we both look forward to a fragrant display.

The Ackworth Quaker trend bypassed me a few years ago.   Well, I purchased several charts but never got around to stitching them until now.   Despite some kilometres of reverse stitching on this one I am making good progress and am enjoying the colour, the fabric and the rhythm of the cross stitch motifs.

Saturday, 26 November 2016

Finem Gloriosum

Allow me to introduce to you my favourite angel of 2016
Jo from the Norfolk sent me the chart and Heather from Whanganui sent me the wooden head - thank you very much to you both.
The hardanger is stitched on 32 count linen and the cross stitch with DMC threads so she is definitely not a haute couture angel but I love her.
Even from the back she is elegant.
And a sideways glance
Now to name her.   Gloria? Alleluia? Seraphina?   I don't think so :-)

Friday, 25 November 2016


Thanksgiving is not a custom that New Zealand has imported from the United States.   We fiercely embrace halloween which grows bigger by the year.   Christmas decorations fill the shops even before the ghosts and ghoulies have been consigned to the warehouse.  Black Friday sales have reached our shores - well and truly.  But nary a mention of Thanksgiving.

Family gatherings around a special meal, when each member lists what they are thankful for seems to me to be an excellent tradition.   Not so much fun though when it's just the DBEM and me.

However today I tried to be mindful all day of Thanksgiving and created my own little list.
I am thankful for

  • Good health
  • An interesting job.
  • Energy to enjoy life.
  • Embroidery to keep my hands occupied.
  • Books to keep my mind stimulated.
  • Friends who expand my horizons.
  • But above all I am thankful for God's goodness to me
And tonight I am thankful that I have done most of my Saturday chores and now I am off to add some more blue crosses to my needlework and to give the Hardanger Angel some hair..   Photos tomorrow I promise.

Saturday, 19 November 2016

Sweet peas and fairies

My lovely colleague Susan brought these from her garden and rather than leave them on my desk they have come home with me.
The DBEM loves sweet peas and is peering closely at my plants each day but as yet no flowers.   Thank you Susan for giving us this bunch of fragrance.
A couple of weeks ago I sewed this little dress for my great-niece.   I fell in love with the Cicely Mary Barker fairies and the internet provided the "Pillowcase dress" pattern and Mackenzie loves it.   No photographs of her wearing it yet but happy dances all round :-)

Friday, 18 November 2016

Dress Rehearsal

My lovely boss told me to take this afternoon off as I had been working long hours. So I was able to get the large grocery shop done.  I tried doing the grocery shop once a month, to save time but that has stretched out to once every six weeks.   Mind you I still hate shopping!
Anyway, I have some free time so I have been auditioning bodies for the Hardanger Angel and tonight we had a dress rehearsal.  
The Body Shop flowing soap turned out to have the exact size bottle I required.   Then the plastic stem of one cotton ear bud  and the tip of a bamboo toothpick and voila.   I can see how this will come together.  Maybe not tonight though:-)

Thursday, 17 November 2016

And we have Shepherds!

The second "panel" of the Nativity Sampler is now complete - well almost.   I have two rows of specialty stitches and the trailing vines to do before welcoming the three wise men.
But so far so good.
And a close up shot -  each of the "lacy whitework" patterns are different and fun to stitch even if the Silk Mori does catch a  little on my rough hands.
And now I have a letter to write so I'd best be off.