Thursday, 30 June 2016

And the Christmas Puppy has a hat

Thank you to those who agreed that a puppy wearing Rugby Club colours is hardly in the Yuletide spirit.   I replaced the gold with a Winter White and lo and behold....
If I hadn't promised the HD3QBEM a day out on Saturday I might have got these ornaments finish-finished.   But Christmas is still six months away!
I have started knitting the last piece of the green sweater - the back -  and all is going well.   And in this process I have proved that it is not only with embroidery that I have "finish-itis"   What is that?
It is the phenomena that occurs when as you are finishing one piece of stitching you dream about what you will stitch next.   I am knitting the last piece of the sweater and I find myself dreaming about what colour and what sweater I will knit next.   Dangerous:-)   But I have almost promised myself that I will knit an almost-navy blue cardigan (possibly in exactly the same pattern) as it would go so well with my weekend wear.  And my persuasive logic tells me that I would get lots of wear from it when I am retired.   Only 39 months and 26 days to go until R day.

Tuesday, 28 June 2016

The bête noire and the Android

Today my perception of the bête noire at the office changed when she came in from her day off to especially bring these for the hard working Administration Officers.   
She is now bête blanc :-)

Well wouldn't you agree she deserves a better moniker after such generosity?   These are a feast for the eyes and the stomach.  This week two of the AO's are away on leave and we, the remaining four are reduced to three,  as another is sick.  So it will be a long week. It is my last in this current position so I am practising my happy dance-  but only where the others won't see me!   And in case you are wondering, there were around fifty probation officers volunteering to eat the fourth cupcake!
My new role requires me to have a Departmental mobile phone and today I finally got it going.   The Department use Samsung Android and my personal phone is an Apple iPhone so I am once again functioning on the borders of my technical knowledge.   Android and I would be friends if HE actually liked my fingerprint and unlocked.   HE accepted my fingerprint willingly to register it but I am still practising the regular unlocking.  HE dings when an email arrives, HE sings when a phone call comes but HE usually refuses to unlock at first swipe.   So tonight HE came home with me for further practice.   I shall subdue HIM.
And now in an effort to lower my blood pressure and stress levels I am off to do some knitting.   Perhaps ignoring HIM will have some effect??

Monday, 27 June 2016


This year it is local government elections in New Zealand and the Auckland City Council are busy trying to win the hearts and souls of the voters.   A perennial problem is the city transport links and 'they' now say "they" have found a partial solution.   Not just more buses but bigger buses!
So the route that goes past the end of my street now has these monsters.  
But the solution to one problem created others.  The little group of shops, affectionately known as Mt Eden Village is a conglomerate of old style shops with verandahs over the foot paths.
All the foot paths had to be widened so that the new, taller buses would not collide with the verandahs!   Next problem was the street lights.   These all had to be raised above the height of the double decker bus roof.
But all problems are now solved.   The HD3QBEM and I will try out the new buses soon - but we will not be riding upstairs;-)

Sunday, 26 June 2016

Christmas Puppy

A search through the old issues of the Christmas Ornament books unearthed this one.
I'm substituting DMC floss  and the colour photograph in the book shows the hat to be red and gold.   But that looks more like the Waikato Rugby Team colours than Christmas to me, so tomorrow I will undo the gold and restitch in Christmas White.
But he looks good doesn't he? And he will look more festive when the Christmas Stocking is hung off his tail!

Saturday, 25 June 2016

Autumn Gold at the end of June!

Although colder it is still unseasonably warm.  Six to seven degrees celsius above normal, Dan the Weatherman tells us.  As if to confirm his statements the Gingko tree in our garden is still shedding its golden leaves at the same time as the mandarin tree is fruiting and the camellias flowering.   It is a crazy winter.
Dan the Weatherman's forecasts are not always correct.   The thunderstorms of this afternoon did not eventuate, allowing one-year-old Charlie from Apartment 9 to roll around in the leaves which proved to be more enticing than his red swing.

Friday, 24 June 2016

Finished, finished and almost finished

This week I have been fighting a head cold so progress on the stitching front has been very slow.
But tonight I have these to show off
A finish -  still to be made into the centre piece of a notebook cover
Another finish - to be made into a hanging Christmas Tree ornament.
An almost finished!  This is nearly half of half of the green hardanger runner.
I think at this point I may take a break and go back to my knitting.   Our weather is turning colder and I feel the need to finish off a winter cardigan while it is still winter :-)
My head cold is finally on the mend now and I am feeling much better -  just in time for a busy weekend with household chores and nursing duties.   The HD3QBEM is still not well and needs cheering up.

Monday, 20 June 2016

Christmas Cat

Today I have a croaky voice and a sore throat so was sent home from work early.  We had a fine sunny day and it was great to have time to curl up on the sofa, slowly sip a hot drink and finish my next Inspector Rebus book.
Then I decided to proceed with this Christmas ornament.   I have decided that, at a little over 3 inches square it is too big for an ornament but would make a splendid notebook cover.   One would need an enormous tree for ornaments of this size.  IMHO it really needs to be stitched over one, but I am not about to repeat this to prove my point, so a notebook cover it will be.
On the way home I diverted to The Ribbon Rose and purchased DMC319 and a small gold star to finish the other ornament, so may achieve two finishes this week.   I am sure that stash will provide fabric for the backings.