Sunday, 7 February 2016

She can, she can't

Look at this.
Would you believe I actually like cooking and experimenting with different foods?   I do and I don't.   I do love it but I don't do it.
The HD3QBEM has digestive problems and the list of foods that cannot be eaten far outweighs the list of foods that can.   So her meals are a dietitian's nightmare as they are so nutritionally imbalanced.   We neither of us worry about that.   Is nutritional balance so vitally important at 86?
Add into the mix a hypersensitivity to Vitamin K which upsets the balance of her warfarin medication and the only applicable adjective is boring.   Tonight was teriyaki chicken, potato and carrot.   Tomorrow will be the remainder of the teriyaki chicken, potato and broccoli. That's right.  Every second night is either broccoli or silver beet and in that way I maintain her INR at levels the GP attributes to her own medical skill ;-)
However my lovely, perpetually cheerful HD3QBEM always says "Thank you dear.   That was delicious."  

PS please don't suggest cabbage or she will become an unlovely uncheerful HD3QBEM!!  That is on the can't list, I just forgot to write it down.

Saturday, 6 February 2016

Comfort stitching

Having completed both the basket and the thimblepod I am allowed to part company with the little crosses and indulge in some comfort stitching/
My next project is going to be a hardanger runner for my coffee table. So tonight I stitched the kloster blocks on a sample motif.   This I will make into a notebook cover (the spiral backed sort of notebook not the computer version) but first I wanted to check the size etc - rather like kntting a swatch to measure gauge I suppose.  
This will be satisfactory and on Monday ( public holiday here) I will make a trip to The Ribbon Rose to get the necessary DMC perle thread.   The fabric is a 28 count evenweave - Jobelan I think -  from stash and is actually a pretty greenish shade rather like DMC 522.   I don't really like stitching on anything but linen but this fabric is stable and really suitable for the runner I have in mind.
Today has been wet and hot so indoor jobs are all done and my stash cupboard has been cleaned and tidied.  
I even managed to finish my book - the latest Val McDermid.   Now I am off to bed with the latest Peter May.   Both of these were ordered from my local library and I had a long wait as they were very popular.  Other readers will be waiting so I cannot renew and must finish by the due date.   So off to bed I go:-)

Friday, 5 February 2016

Et voila!

Tonight the thimblepod is finished.   Complete, but totally useless as a container for a thimble.
I collected up all the thimbles we have in the house and yet there is room for more!
Left to right these are Royal Albert from Windsor(courtesy of Niece Number One), Sterling Silver Dorcas thimble (courtesy of Old Gran =  great grandmother), silver plate thimble from my LNS, two Indian brass thimbles (source unknown).  Five of them but they still rattle around in my thimblepod which if I had stitched over one as directed would have housed one only!
However, there is space in my cabinet for this and I am satisfied - so what,  if it is a mammoth thimblepod.   I should just rename it....but as what??

Thursday, 4 February 2016


The HD3QBEM and I have both been to the podiatrist.   She goes every 6 weeks as she can't see her toes now and I'm not confident to cut those, although I do her fingernails.   I go only when painful corns make it absolutely necessary as,  not yet being an old age pensioner, there are no reduced rates for me.
But we both have beautiful feet tonight.   At least they feel beautiful although they don't look it!!
And the thimblepod is stitched together and now awaits the twisted cord for final completion.
And the bottom showing one three way corner.   These corners  were rather a mission to hold while stitching.
Well I'm off to twist threads!   Do you think this looks too large for a thimble?   I promise a comparative photo tomorrow:-)

Wednesday, 3 February 2016

The construction highway

Embroiderers Guild starts again this month and I really wanted my new workbasket to take,  so foot to the pedal and voila!
Although perhaps not completely to the designers instructions, I am still very satisfied with this and intend to use it.   However I am not going to stitch the scissor fob, needle book and pincushion to match.   Already I have enough of these, so will use what I have.

The Woodland Delights piece was made into a little zipped purse.   I am definitely not totally happy with that one and while I will be using it (container for my spectacle cleaner and cloth when I travel) I plan on stitching it again in two separate pieces and trying again.

Tonight I will stitch these three pieces together and construct the thimblepod.  Looks like I need to remove the tacking thread first?!
Then and only then, will I allow myself to start a new piece.  Noddy is to be my Guild project for the year which is a cunning way of allowing myself the pleasure of choosing another piece from my stash for my "at-home" stitching.   So the hardanger books are coming out of the cupboard -  oh yeah!

Tuesday, 2 February 2016

Another conversation at cross purposes today!

I was telling a colleague that I had bought myself a notebook to record the good things that happen at work and therefore to see if I could shake myself free of the negative defeated feeling that has come over me.
"Oh yes", says she.   "What model?"
Eh?   How many models of notebook are there, I think.   Croxley, Staples, Office Max, Moleskine, Paperblanks ....I think, mentally listing those I thought she might be thinking of. Then I told her that I had splurged on a fancy notebook made in the UK and that it had a cunning magnetic closure.

"Oh," says she.   "I thought you meant a notebook."
Well I did!!
I like notebooks; the proper sort with thick pages on which you can write with lovely pens, preferably fountain pens with gold nibs:-)  Yes, I like pens too!

She is young and I am old and there is a generation gap.

Monday, 1 February 2016

The day the telephone died

Last night my cordless telephone died.  a few short beeps and then nothing but silence.   I blame the thunder and lightning but then again it could have been the battery.
Anyway today is a public holiday in Auckland so I took the HD3QBEM to JB HiFi and a very helpful young man sold me another.   It is named appropriately isn't it?  Loud & Clear:-)
We only need a simple phone with no bells and whistles but the number panel must have BIG numbers.   Apparently bells and whistles are normal now but we did find BIG numbers, so life is back to normal.