Wednesday, 4 May 2016

Blame the HD3QBEM!

She plays Sudoku           
On the computer at night

No time for my blog L

Monday, 2 May 2016

Tomorrow I shall be reversing

Tonight I have been distracted.   A rather unsatisfactory work meeting held at the end of the day has dominated my thoughts this evening and resulting lack of concentration produced this!

Oh dear oh dear!   Tomorrow evening I shall be reversing and re-knitting to make sure the left looks like the right:-)

Sunday, 1 May 2016

Carpet of Conkers

On Thursday while I was enjoying a  day off work, I swept the ramp so the HD3QBEM doesn't trip and fall.
Our neighbour's chestnut tree is so very generous in its Autumn offerings and we now have a carpet of conkers - or to be more accurate conkers and their prickly shells.

Saturday, 30 April 2016

A rainbow at the end of my walk

Today the HD3QBEM is not too well so after breakfast she got put back to bed and I proceeded to attack my list of chores.
First up was a hair cut and then the hated shopping.   After lunch I decided that a "reward-to-self" was in order so walked across to the Showgrounds, as the city exhibition hall is named, and went to the Stitches and Craft show.  
Almost entirely quilting, card making and scrapbooking, I initially wondered if I would find much to interest me.   But I did!
There was a stand of free form knitting.   I'd never heard of this before but on inspection decided that the lack of mathematical precision ruled it out for me.   Very colourful though.
And then one of the quilting artists had a fantastic display where I fell in love with her depiction of The Lion in the Library  from the Animalia book by Graeme Base.
Each one of the little books on the back shelves are tiny precision cut lengths of ribbon painstakingly stitched on.  I would never even attempt this but it was intriguing to look at.
And just to prove that I also did some stitching here's a shot of the T tin in the process of construction.   Can you see the small tin at the base?
And now a photo of the tin with the "weighty tomes" removed. Top.
And  side
Off to cook the dinner now.

Friday, 29 April 2016

Another surprise

Today brought another surprise.   Little Sister sent a package to my work and in it was this cute coffee mug.   Won't this be the envy of the office?!   Thank you so much Little Sister.
And what is even more surprising.   My stitching mojo seems to have returned and I have finally finished the stitching on the Floral T.   Over the weekend I hope to finish in to a top for a tin and should then have a finish to show you.
Next I want to complete the stitching on the cylindrical hussif and if I can manage that then I plan to reward myself by starting a hardanger angel.   Nothing like bribing myself to complete projects:-)

Thursday, 28 April 2016

The surprise package

Today has been a day of surprises.
First up, the local council came to collect the inorganic rubbish exactly when they said they would!
Secondly, I weeded the plant pots and among the forest of freesia shoots, a multiplicity of daffodil shoots too!  
Thirdly, the mail man who is only supposed to come on Monday, Wednesday and Friday, came today and brought me a surprise package!
Look what the lovely Jo sent me. A Shaker needle roll from Moss Creek Designs (just love that) and the most amazing hardanger angel chart.    Doesn't Jo know me well:-)
The needle roll kit won't help decrease my stash as it is fully ready-to-go.  Isn't that lovely.
So tonight I am planning to steam ahead with the floral T and hopefully finish.   Jo's kind gift has restored my stitching mojo!

Tuesday, 26 April 2016

Floral progress

A little more progress on the "T".   This is to be a gift for a 50th birthday but I doubt whether I will be able to include fifty different flowers.
So far there are Violets, Primroses, Dianthus, Solomon's Seal, Hollyhock, Shasta daisy, Forget-Me-Not and Lavender.   The white daisies don't show up too well in this photo.   Just as well they do in real life:-)
I have the next two days off: one day to go down country to a funeral and the other to oversee the Council workers who will come to take away my allocated one cubic metre of inorganic rubbish.   Once a year we can make an appointment for them to do this so I have decided to try the service and see how it goes.   I have no great expectations!